ea-xauru_ph_v6 and Vip are available now!


is a proven and tested profitable Expert Advisor with an optimized Forex Trading Strategy


  1. Frequent trading to maximize profit opportunities
  2. Full MT4 compatibility
  3. Fully automated – just “Set-and-Forget”
  4.  Easy 5-Minute Installation
  5. Intelligent Money-Management System
  6. Drawdown Protection System
  7. Precise Entry and Exit Trading Algorithms
  8. High Spread Protection
  9. Profit Protection System
  10. Drawdown Reducing Algorithms
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Using a cracked version of the EA may lead to burning your trade accounts. Cracked versions cannot access server-dependent algorithms and strategies resulting in erroneous trades. Instead, use our free licensed version to ensure that the server-dependent EA will function properly.

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With 2 Trading Styles settings:


If you have little to no experience in Forex trading, don’t worry – Xauru got you covered. All you have to do is just follow the instruction for installing it, then choose the Auto mode. Whether it be trending or ranging, Xauru highly adapts to the market movement and makes profits no matter what. Powered by an advanced algorithm and optimized strategy, it does everything accurately to open and close trades for the best profitable move.  


When you're confident with your Forex trading skills, you could make trading decisions and Xauru will intelligently assist you. When you make the right order, Xauru will ensure you'll get the maximum possible profit. On the other hand, if you made the wrong order, Xauru will brilliantly make adjustments to minimize drawdown and make profits no matter what. Furthermore, Xauru's settings are configurable to match your desired setup.

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This Software Is Not Related To Get-Rich Quick Schemes, MLM, And This is Not a Solicitation For Investment!

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